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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Dec 28, 2021

“Everything, even the worst of times, are in and of themselves opportunities for us.” -Jeffrey Johnston


Everyday is a battle. Everyday is a struggle. But, even the worst of times can present new opportunities. Premier Investments of Iowa, Inc. President Jeffrey Johnston experienced the most painful event a parent could possibly come up against- the death of a child. But Jeffrey was able to handle it and became his family’s stronghold. His secret? Prevention, preparation, and purpose. Avoiding possible pits, training for what might come, and finding his why became Jeff’s map and compass in navigating the stormy sea of life successfully. Listen in as Jeff shares how these three P’s had helped him weather the storms in his life. He also shares two approaches parents can follow to build deeper connections and show support when their kids face major points in their life such as the death of a family member, open up about a serious topic, and begin to follow their own path. 


Adversities are not joyous moments, and in these troubled times we can’t help but choose between two roads- the road of despair or the road of motivation. Although one seems to be the easier route, it certainly is not the road for you! There is only one road deserving of your journey and this week, Daniel and Jeffrey will guide you in choosing that path, not as a bitter person, but as a better person. Are you prepared for whatever life brings you? Tune in!

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Episode Highlights:

04:19 Be Prepared

12:47 Better Not Bitter 

23:36 2 Parental Approaches to Connect with Your Kids

27:11 Make Your Choice 

33:07 Allow Your Kids to Shine

41:28 Find Your Why