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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Aug 31, 2021

“People think the results come instant...You have to build relationships and  experiences, there's a lot of things that go into making someone great.” - Scott Joseph


The sweetest success comes after the darkest adversities. So if success seems impossible at the moment, trust that you are on the right track. Success comes with patience, but there is something you can do now to maximize your opportunities. This week, Daniel and Scott Joseph, CEO of JandL Marketing share timeless wisdom you can apply to develop a mental state and attitude aligned with your trajectory. They also discuss how to overcome limiting beliefs, move out of your comfort zone, improve your skill set, and keep growing. If you feel like everything is off track, tune in as Scott shares how you can get better outcomes, simply from the type of questions you ask. Be fearless and take that next step to success. But most importantly, be patient. Great things take time. 

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Episode Highlights:

6:01 When Results Don’t Come Instantly

14:54 Prospecting

19:50 How to Maximize Opportunities

27:52 Mental State And Attitude

32:16 An Empowering Belief System

37:06 What Limiting Belief Can Do

47:38 Focus On The Questions