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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Aug 17, 2021

“The struggle might be real but the good news is that every struggle has a free gift called a lesson.” - Jordan Mendoza

Better not bitter, victor not a victim-- Adversities affect every person in different ways. However, it is highly dependent on the person, as opposed to the adversity itself. They may put us on a pause, but they are never intended to make us stop. Learn how to release the bitterness and regain your momentum with "The Trailblazer", Jordan Mendoza. Tune in as Daniel and Jordan share lessons on taking control over your circumstances, navigating instability, impacting others through your experiences, building relationships, and being authentic. You have a lot of opportunities in front of you. Perfect your skills and achieve the level of success that you deserve.  


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Episode Highlights:

05:01 Take Control Of Your Circumstances

09:51 Don’t Stay Comfortable, Create Your Momentum 

18:49 Instability Creates Stability

23:05 How to Impact Others

28:13 Inspire One Person A Day

35:06 Building Relationships

37:07 Be Real