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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Aug 3, 2021

 “Never give up on yourself… Don't even focus on tomorrow, focus on the next minute. It is survivable. You can get through it.” - Barbara Allen


The only time of day we can see the multitude of stars is at night. So, do not be afraid of the dark. It is simply life telling you to let your light shine. Barbara Allen went through her darkest moment when her husband was murdered. Instead of shrinking back, Barb found herself a reason to move forward and even became a beacon of hope for others. In this episode, Daniel and Barbara shares real-life lessons about growth, gratitude, and perspectives. Adversities will always be a part of our journey in this life. The key is to use them as leverage. Remember, even the sun needs to keep burning to shine. Tune in for tips on how you can maintain your confidence to celebrate life despite what you're going through. Never give up! 

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Episode Highlights:

03:11 Separate Emotions 

16:55 Let Your Light Shine Until Everybody Sees It! 

24:22 The Climb Is The Blessing

29:04 Remind Yourself You’re Worthy

32:13 Establish The Tone For The Day

40:51 Get To Know Yourself

45:14 Put On A Positive Perspective

50:33 Never Give Up