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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

May 25, 2021

“God's calling on your life is unmatchable to anything else...If you can give him the center of doing what God's called you to do, you can tap into that.” - Dr. Billy Alsbrooks


Create your legacy and make a difference. Some will laugh at you, others will scorn. But, you can! How? Today, Daniel and Dr. Billy Alsbrooks shares the biggest, most reliable reason you can do what God called you to do. Learn why vision is key to keep us moving forward despite adversities and how it can guide your path. Tune in as they reveal how you can maximize your gift to everybody’s advantage, including you! Become God’s instrument to motivate others, spread positivity, and impact lives through your gift.

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Episode Highlights:

02:32 Lay Your Vision

05:38 Life Is About Legacy

09:13 Wise Man Seeks Counsel

18:27 Build Faith And Trust With God 

27:47 Understand And Learn The Language

31:28 How to Realize Your Vision

38:09 Money Chases Value

44:13 God Still Moves