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The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

Feb 2, 2021

"You have nothing to prove. You have someone to be."  -Dr. James Dentley


The mind is a universe of thoughts, and from those thoughts come unlimited possibilities. In this episode, Daniel interviews Dr. James Dentley, a world-renowned professional speaker, business strategist, entrepreneur, and author. Daniel and James share the key to reframe the mind and unlock your potentials. Hear practical wisdom about thinking for yourself, keeping your integrity, overcoming self-disappointment, and forging your mind to get addicted to the things that will help you succeed. Don't miss out on 3 mind-blowing lessons that will make you see yourself like never before! 

Be Inspired! with Daniel: 

Episode Highlights:

  • 02:00 Think Better For Yourself
  • 10:04 Reframe The Way You Think
  • 19:09 Rebuild Yourself
  • 27:42 Don’t Limit Your Thinking
  • 35:54 A Life-Changing Song